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Electronic components

The big positive experience of purchase of accessories of the most different sort: from passive components up to unique components of exotic for different customers - will allow us to offer an optimum variant of cooperation.

From manufacturers and large dealers electronic components from Europe and Hong Kong, industrial parties cost of a complete set and as Moscow and Minsk terms of delivery of scarce positions enable to reduce presence of warehouses allows to lower the adjusted deliveries considerably, to offer the reasonable prices and the full responsibility for quality of delivered components and terms of such deliveries.

The complete set is delivered both for a batch production, and for pre-production models. 

 Attention! If the components for assembling is transferred by the Customer - all components should be delivered in a standard original packing: reels, cases and pallets for microchips.

For maintenance of surface assembly, in tapes should be 5 - 7 % a stock of chips - components (a minimum of 10 pieces) and 1 % a stock of microchips (a minimum of 2 pieces) on losses and rejection at assembly. If the reel is not full, it should contain free from components the refueling end in length a minimum 200 mm.

The components should be in the following kinds of carriers are accepted: reels - 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 44 mm; cases of any width; matrix pallets for microchips.