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SMT technologies

In 2008 Elcontinent Co. Ltd was found factory on SMT and DIP assembling PCBs. Our factory has the new exact and productive equipment. It helps us to make any by quantity and complexity the orders In structure of the automatic assembly PCb line we have:  

- The automatic printer DEK for solder of paste with functions of automatic positioning of clearing of a stencil and control. This equipment is used in manufacture of mass production.

- The semi-automatic printer SR2500 for solder of paste with functions of especially exact adjustment of positioning of a stencil. This equipment is used for small series and samples. 

- The automatic placer Opal-X″ Assembleon. This equipment can assembly any components from 01005 up to large CSP, Flip, Chips, QFP with a small step of pins. High speed, accuracy 30 microns and the functions of the control, allow to make various quantity of various types of PCBs. We have also a lot of feeders under all types of components.

- The manual manipulator LM901 is used for manufacture of samples. This equipment allows to make samples for our clients after some hours.

- The conveyor automatic Owen ERSA HOTFLOW 7 with function management of process of the soldering by the computer. This equipment allows to reach stable quality of the soldering process. Also Pb-free the soldering is used at our factory.

- Station of inspection, automatic loader and unloader in a line from Nutek supplement processes of automation on our manufacture.

On our manufacture we use only laser stencils of highest quality. The solder paste and other technological materials only from best brand in the world guarantee to our clients high quality of our production.

Attention!!! All complete set should be delivered in a standard original packing: coils, cases and pallets for microcircuits. For maintenance of sufficient assembly, in tapes there should be 5 - 7 % a stock of chips - components (minimum 10 pieces) and 1 % a stock of microcircuits (minimum 2 pieces) on losses at assembly. If the coil not complete, she should contain free from components the refueling end of length a minimum 20 see. The tapes consisting of several separate parts, to installation are not accepted! To installation the components in the following kinds of carriers are accepted: coils - 8, 12, 16, 24, 32 and 44 mm; cases of any width; matrix pallets for microcircuits.