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The stencils from stanless steel

High-quality stencils for the soldering paste from the stainless steel, cut out by the laser (is guaranteed maintain 30000 apertures).

Are applied in manufacture of serial products, products with high density of assembling, and also are simply necessary in cases when the product contains microchips with small step of pins (0,5 mm and less). High accuracy of the manufacturing, the specialized form and a surface of the apertures which have been cut out by the laser, the raised wear resistance - these and other advantages allow to achieve an exact dosage soldering paste and to reach high quality placed soldering paste on products of any complexity in a combination to long service life and repeatability of process during all this time.

Cost of such stencil is defined depending on its size and quantity of cut out apertures.

Material of a stencil - stainless steel thickness 0,1mm, 0,12mm, 0,15mm, 0,2mm.

Term of manufacturing - from 1 week.

Attention! If PCBs were made not at us, for the order it will be necessary for you to give a file of the project (P-Cad 4.5, 8.5, 200X, CAM,Gerber, OrCad, Protell, etc.) on which PCBs or PCB panels were precisely made.

At manufacturing a stencil for assembling which is made not at us, it is necessary to give the design of a stencil according with a frame of a tension of the customer with the instruction of an arrangement and orientation of a working field of a stencil.